Smile Gallery

Before and After Photos


46 yr. old female with severe congenitally hypocalcified anterior teeth; restored with 6 anterior veneers.


57 yr. old female with heavily restored and chipped upper anterior’s; restored with 6 ceramic veneers.


47 yr. old female with severe tetracycline staining; restored with veneers on upper arch and take-home whitening using custom trays on lower arch.


80 yr. old female who had veneers placed in 1993; nearly 20 yrs. after, they continue to look excellent!



47 yr. old male; Narrow arches with moderate crowding both top and bottom; Treated with Invisalign in less than a year.


31 yr. old female; moderate crowding of the anterior teeth in the lower arch; a V-shaped upper arch with overlap of the front two teeth; correct with Invisalign in about a year.


57 yr. old female; V-shaped upper arch w/ overlapped upper anterior teeth; anterior crowding of the lower arch; treated with Invisalign in about 10 months.


34 yr. old female; Moderate spacing in the anterior teeth of both arches; Treated with Invisalign in 16 months.


Invisalign Teen

14 yr. old male; V-shaped upper arch with anterior overlap; lower arch had moderate anterior crowding; corrected using Invisalign Teen is about 8 months.


13 yr. old male; Generalized crowding of anterior teeth in upper and lower arches: corrected with Invisalign Teen in about 7 months.


13 yr. old male; narrow, V-shaped arches; treated with Invisalign Teen in 16 months



 33 yr. old female who opted to whiten only her upper arch due to financial considerations; the results where startling and after seeing how well things turned out, she eventually whitened the lower arch as well.

 37 yr. old female; Pt. opted to whiten only top teeth because of lower tooth sensitivity; Whitened using Whitening Strips; Professional strength whitening strips are significantly stronger than those bought over the counter and as a result work much faster.

Ceramic Crowns

54 yr. old male with severely stained teeth from childhood root canal therapy; restored with two all ceramic crowns.


67 yr. old female with heavily filled and stained upper anterior teeth; restored with four all ceramic crowns.


65 yr. old female who presented with a fractured palatal cusp; restored with a single ceramic crown.


75 yr. old female; fractured front cusp and filling came out with it; restored with a single ceramic crown


52 yr. old male; tooth previously treated with root canal therapy as a result of facial trauma; restored with a single ceramic crown.


Chairside bonding


56 yr. old female with several large silver restoration; restored with composite fillings in one visit.


19 yr. old male; Upper anterior teeth have multiple chips and fractures as a result of night-time grinding; teeth restored without anesthesia with chairside bonding in one visit.



15 yr. old female; Spacing remained post-orthodontically in the upper anterior teeth and was corrected chairside in one visit without the need for anesthesia


48 yr. old female with large diastema(space) between lower central incisors; restored without anesthesia using composite resin in one visit.


59 yr. old male, cracked an old silver restoration; restored with more esthetic composite filling.


15 yr. old male who suffered a traumatic sports injury; repaired with bonding after soft tissue healing.


Implant Restoration

62 yr. old male who fractured the root of an upper incisor necessitating extraction; restored with a porcelain to metal crown supported by an implant and custom abutment


63 yr. old male; patient had an old bridge which failed and the teeth were extracted because they were deemed unrestorable; two implants were placed and a new bridge was fabricated over them.


24 yr. old male; congenitally missing several teeth; Orthodontic treatment was used to align his existing teeth and several implants were placed to restore the missing teeth; Crowns were used in the upper arch and bridges were placed in the lower arch


21 yr. old female who lost a lower molar as a result of a congenital defect; tooth was replaced with an implant supported crown.



67 yr. old female who was a longtime partial denture wearer; She decided she would like to replace her missing front tooth with a fixed bridge instead; The final restoration is all ceramic without the traditional metal substrate resulting in a much more natural looking restoration.


57 yr. old male who had neglected to have previously treated root canal teeth restored; the teeth broke down over time but we were able to build them up and restore them with a four unit porcelain-to-metal bridge.


16 yr. old male with a congenitally missing upper incisor; restored with a bonded bridge after completion of orthodontics


Porcelain-to-metal crowns

73 yr. old female who fractured a lower left molar; The tooth was restored with a porcelain-to-metal crown.


46 yr. old male who fractured a significant piece of his upper left second molar; The tooth was restored with a porcelain-to-metal crown.


36 yr. old female with a heavily restored lower right molar which is beginning to show significant wear; The tooth was restored with a porcelain-to-metal crown to prevent any further deterioration.


55 yr. old male who fractured his upper left second molar; The tooth was restored with a porcelain-to-metal crown.


Full Mouth Restoration

66 yr. old female who decided that she would like her teeth to have a more esthetic appearance. Through a combination of ceramic crowns and precision attachment removable partials (claspless partials), she was given a cosmetic “makeover” that she was thrilled with.


64 yr. old female who was experiencing a significant breakdown of her remaining natural dentition as a result of tooth loss and the resulting overuse of her remaining teeth. Her condition was restored using a combination of ceramic crowns, porcelain-to-metal crowns, chairside bonding and removable partial dentures. The result was both a functional success as well as a esthetic success.